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  Rear-view mirror
Pat. Nr. 20 2004 015 449.8

  • the perfect rear-view mirror for inline skaters,
    bicyclists and for rowing.

  • safety – mirror, an absolute INNOVATION,
    and an intelligent solution for active road safety.

  • no other part of the bicyclist’s or skater’s body
    is as vibration free as his/her head. That is exactly
    where we have mounted the rear-view mirror.

  • safety – mirror offers a perfect rear view without a
    swinging motion of the handlebar or vibrations due
    to bad roads.

  • with a weight of only a few grams and a shatter-proof
    mirror area combined with a fashionable cap,
    safety – mirror offers optimal road safety.
  A hard hat offers only passive safety and cannot prevent accidents.

  • if safety – mirror is not needed, just fold it to the side and
    it is almost invisible.

  • the modern cap, made from 100 % combed cotton, is of high
    quality, dimensionally stable and can be adjusted to any
    head size by means of a buckle.

  • safety – mirror is also available as a suitable advertising
    medium with the desired sticker on the front side of the mirror carrier.

  • high-quality, shatter-proof acrylic glass mirror.

  • available in the color
    marine / beige
  • Price per piece: € 26,50
    inclusive Forwarding expenses.

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